Semarang Anniversary

Time passed, and the power changed from the Sultanate of Demak to Sultanate of Panjang. Sultan Hadiwijaya, te ruler, who knew the development of area was managed by Sultan Pandanaran I was agree to increase the status as a district. Thus, the son of Sultan Pandanarang I, titled Sultan Pandanarang II was happened in 12 Rabi' H or 954 Beginning, May 2, 1547. Now, that date is used as a mark of Semarang Anniversary.

To celebrate the event, the goverment city of Semarang always held various activities, including art activities. In a way, all the typical culture activities of Semarang are always shown in the event. surely, the diversity of activities is different each year. But the fixed agenda is pilgrimage to Ki Ageng Pandanaran resting place in Mugas, Semarang. Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Semarang and the staff always devoulty pray in the resting place, completed with sowing flower ceremony.

Yes, the memorial and celebration of Semarang Aniversary is just one of many cultural event that become the fixed agenda in Semarang.

Which became its trademark is the large scale celebration of its event through various activities.

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