The Five Days Battle in Semarang

The clashsed between Semarang youngsters and Japanes troops on October 14th to 19th 1945 was the heroic story that always commemorated as The Five Dys Battle in Semarang.Every year, the celebration is held on large scale around the Tugumuda. The monument was built on November 10, 1950 and inaugurated by President Soekarno on May20, 1953 as a reminder of the Semarang youngsters struggling story. The building is loceted in the area that captured alot of important event during the five-day battle in Semarang which took place on Pemuda Street, Imam Bonjol Street, Dr. Soetomo Street, and Lawangsewu building on Pandanaran Street.

The celebration itself not only resembled through ceremonial event, but also treatical simulation which depicted the heroic struggel of Semarang youngstres against Japanese troops. The simulation become the allure for Semarang citizen.

They come from all over the city tosee the heroic attraction in the simulation. For sure, the roads heading out to Tugumuda are closed to arrange the simulation.

The simulation is made as close as possible with all the stories in the five-day battle in Semarang. As the result, spectators wwho crowd arond. Tugu Muda area witnessed theatrrical simulatio as real.

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